A Bee's Normal Day 

A Bee's Worst Day 

Gas Masked Bee

Why did I started this?
When I was in collage, I took a class called Poster Design. One of the class projects was to talk about an important topic that was happening currently in the world. I decided to go with this one, because, I like bees and it is an important topic the media doesn't much.



A dripping flower

This project has a lot of meaning to me. These artworks started my career as a designer and i'll cherish and work on this project as long as I'm living in this world. We need bees and if you want to live in this world, you better start by taking care of them.
Thank You!

Waiting on the field

“If we lose bees, we may be looking at losing apples and oranges. We may be looking at losing a great deal of other crops, as well, and other animals that depend on those crops.”
— Annalee Newitz​​​​​​​